VWO Acquires Navilytics
You've been missing the most important data about your website visitors
What they'reactually doing on the pages of your site
See, Google Analytics and other tools will show you...
where your visitors
came from
the pages
they visited
and general data...
However, they fail to answer very important questions
Are there usability issues? Are any links or buttons broken? Are images distracting visitors? Is there an error in our signup form? Do visitors scroll to see all page content? Do only certain visitors get errors? Why are visitors bouncing?
When you can answer these questions, you can improve usability and increase conversions
Navilytics can help you answer these questions through our powerful tools
Visitor Recordings
Mouse Movement and
Click Heatmaps
and much more
Start visualizing your website
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Powerfully simple tools at your disposal

To truly optimize your website, whether you want to increase sales or just make it easier to use, you have to understand what actually happens on your website. Google Analytics and other tools miss important data.

Recordings Recordings Watch every action your users take on your site, from mouse movements, to clicks, to key presses
Heatmaps Heatmaps Visually see all mouse movements and clicks for any page on your site to quickly identify hot areas
Scrollmap Scrollmap Are users scrolling down the page far enough to see important content? Find out with our scrollmap tool
Form Analysis Form Analysis Track conversion ratios, interaciton and hesitation times, and more across all forms on your site

Area Stats Area Stats Compare multiple areas on a page to see which garners the most attention of your visitors
Segmentation Segmentation Segment mouse movement and click data by traffic source, browser, country, and much more
Element Overlay Element Overlay Drill down and segment data for every single element on any page
Element List Element List Quickly see which elements on your pages get the most interest compared to the rest

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