Mouse movements and clicks

Move your mouse around the page and then click the button below. All mouse movements are being tracked at more than three times per second.

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Scroll the page and the individual elements below. Navilytics not only captures the window scrolling, but also the scrolling of all elements on the page.

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Keystrokes and forms

Fill out the form below. Password fields are automatically protected from being stored - you can protect any other field in the same way by adding the 'nls_protected' class to the element.

Normal Input
Password Input Normal Input - Protected
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Select Box
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Ajax and dynamic content

Because of Navilytics' unique technology, it can capture and replay all ajax requests, DOM changes, session based pages (member only pages), and much more.

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Call Ajax


All done!

That's the end of the demo! Click the button below to stop recording, then you'll be able to watch the playback as well as view the page analysis!

End Recording
Recording Navilytics is now tracking all
your actions on this page
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